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Law vs Grace

The law was given by Moses and was a schoolmaster to bring us to God's amazing grace, which came by Jesus Christ. it was God's remedy for sin, in which the law revealed to us, but could not deliver us from sin's death grip.


                                       The Law vs. Grace



The law was given to us by Moses; because of the transgressions of God people. The Law was holy, yet, it couldn't make us Holy. The Law cursed man, and couldn't bless him  (Gal 3:10). The Law brought death (11 Cor. 3:7, Heb 10:8). The Law released God's judgment and held back his mercy. It had binding power but lacked loosing power. The Law had a great ability to expose sin, but, had no remedy for sin. It never made men Just only guilty; it had no redemption power, just condemnation. The Law was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith ( Gal 3:24).



Grace! is God's unmerited favor to humanity, it's God holding back what we deserve,(judgment) and giving us what we don't deserve( mercy). It came through Jesus. Grace brought to us life and liberty (St John 10:10). The blood of Jesus altered God's Judgement and invoked His mercy to us( for his mercy endureth forever).Grace brought fulfillment, and Salvation ( Eph 2:8 ). For by grace are ye saved through faith. Grace loses a man from the yoke of sin and brings him into fellowship with his creator. Grace freely welcome sinful man to the throne of God so that he can find help in the time of need. ((Hebrew 4:16). Because of God's amazing grace, we have access by faith into this Grace wherein we stand and rejoice in hope of the glory of God.  (Roman 5:2) Thank, God for Grace!

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