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The devil fears every believer that fervently pray!
People changes, time change,things change, and life itself, but God is eternal, and in him is no change, therefore because of this blessing we remain secure in all of his promises to us.
Faith is the object of God's heart,and beloved without it we cannot please him.It's one of God's undefeat giants of life, and it has no equal.
Friendship, is one the most beautiful treasures of live, yet many people go through life alone, and hurting, and friend-less. Beloved every body need somebody and every man or women needs a true friend. I pray that after reading this Artcle you will see the importance of having a true friend for a true friend will love at all times...
Many of God people are seeking diection for their lives, but unfortunately many are seeking their problems of life in all the wrong places,and come out depressed oppressed, and suppressed, with life issues. I trust after you read this article your directions for life and the problems of life will be clear. Beloved God and God alone have all the answers to whatever you are face with in this life, and when we truly seek his counselor, and trust in the integerity of his eternal word life will be sweet and our joy will be complete in him.
Have you receieved the baptism of the holy Spirit since you
beleived? After the Lord saved me in 1961 I was so happy to be delieved from sin and shame,but my old grandmother and the precious saints of God let me know that God had more for me. THEY said to me brother Earl, now that you are saved you need the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Discouragement, is one of Satan's most powerful weapon, he master it and use against the church of the living God. Therefore we much know how to overcome this evil and deadly spirit of discouragement, and the word of God shows us how to have true victory, and overcome it once and forever.
Marriage is a wonder institution set up by God in the garden of eden,after he had made every creature to reproduce there own kind. Yet Adam had no one that was like him that he could mate with, and when God saw it he said it is not good
for man to be alone Gen 2:18.
So God put him to sleep took a rib out of him and made a woman, and brought her to him, Gen, 2:22-24. Yet in this twenty first century many Christian marriage end up in devorce.
We are engaged in spiritual warfare that can not be won with carnal or fleshly weapons.For we are not fighting against flesh and blood.Therefore we must be spiritually prepared for this intense spiritual war we are in.

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