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Thank God, for his amazing grace he looked beyound our human weakness and sins and he graceously demonstrated his unconditional love toward us while we were yet,sinner
Christ,astounded us with his amazing grace.
THE saints of old left their testamonies in the book of Hebrew the faith hall of fame,that by faith they overcame the world ,the flesh and the devil with their unshakeable, unchanging, wreckless confidence in the integrity of God's infalliable and powerful word, and they did it all by faith, and so can we.
The family is very important and dear to the heart of God. Therefore God wants your family to be strong, happy, and whole.
One of the most precious gifts God has given the human race is the ability to remember.It is said that the human brain is like a computer yet, much more complex,it can store information that remain ever after we live to get old and feeble. God wants us to remember and never forget who he is and,the good and wonderful things he has done for us.
Giving,is the heartbeat of God,and he gives to all freely,therefore he wants you and I to be givers.There are many rich and wonderful blessings in giving.So learn to be a giver and experience a life filled with God's bountiful blessings.
Have you ever been lonely.and felt as if you were all alone? Many of God's people lives are inprison and tormented by loneliness.God want you to understand that you may be lonely sometime, yet not alone.

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